Although designed for the Smart car, customers could retrofit the kit into a number of applications from mini coopers or other smaller cars, to reverse trikes, to race cars, to custom built chassis.

The build below will have a custom tube subframe built to hold a built 1300 hayabusa powerplant putting out over 240hp, as well as a custom high amp alternator package. Suspension will consist of 6061 Billet aluminum A-arms with outboard disk brakes, limited slip diff, and engine driven reverse. The front will also be getting a custom tube subframe with custom A-arms. Custom wide body flares and side skirts will be custom built to handle the 9" wider track width (69" overall width), and 3" longer wheelbase, as well as custom fiberglass work for the interior to hold the gauges and switches, then the entire vehicle will be custom painted. The car will have 17x7 rims in the front, 17x9 rims in the rear.

This is the prototype, so pricing may increase after completion.